Sunday, August 27

Childhood Memories - 1

One of my friends sent me MP3's of some rare songs and videos. One of them was this Ek aur Anek song. It was so nice to listen to this song after a long time. It grew some sweet longings or things and situations of the past. Anyone who was in a childhood stage during late 80's would remember this song. Those were the days of DD (Doordarshan) when videos like this were aired in between programs. This particular song was so catchy and became very popular. The plot of the song is that a Girl explains her younger brother about the power of being united, using the story of the pigeon. The animated version was so simple that even non-Hindi speaking kids could easily understand what the video was all about.

Also here's the list of the videos that I still remeber from my childhood DD days.

1. Mile Sur Mera Tumara
2. The Olympic Torch Light run with Yanni's(I'm not sure) music in the back ground.
3. Mohli Song - Jungle Book
4. Duck Tales
5. He-Man (and the masters of the Universe)
6. Street Hawk ( I still remember the schedule. It was sunday's around noon)
7. Obvioously Ramayana and Mahabaratha...Every kid during that time can repeat the title song.
8. Aaana Penna poranthu enna - Srividya's video about femaile infanticide.

The advent of private channels nowadays have made these type of videos a thing of past.

If something like this rings a bell in your mind, please comment.


Anonymous CreativeWolf said...


It sure does ring a bell!!!

Cannot forget couple of them you have mentioned here...

Here are my notations on some of them:

Mile sur mera tumhara...- Makes me think through the lyrics now which I used to sing without knowing the meaning.

Olympic torch - We atleast get to see that regularly *sigh* @ kids of these days )

Mowgli, He-man, Street Hawk, Giant Robot - I still remember bunking tution classes for these series.

Ramayana & Mahabaratha - Solid ones.

Those were the days and they have been so!

Thanks for kindling the thought...

10:31 AM  
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