Wednesday, November 29

Workaholic !!!

Guys - Last 4-5 months, I have been doing nothing but WORK.

Just taking a sabbatical. Will be back soon !!!

Sunday, August 27

Childhood Memories - 1

One of my friends sent me MP3's of some rare songs and videos. One of them was this Ek aur Anek song. It was so nice to listen to this song after a long time. It grew some sweet longings or things and situations of the past. Anyone who was in a childhood stage during late 80's would remember this song. Those were the days of DD (Doordarshan) when videos like this were aired in between programs. This particular song was so catchy and became very popular. The plot of the song is that a Girl explains her younger brother about the power of being united, using the story of the pigeon. The animated version was so simple that even non-Hindi speaking kids could easily understand what the video was all about.

Also here's the list of the videos that I still remeber from my childhood DD days.

1. Mile Sur Mera Tumara
2. The Olympic Torch Light run with Yanni's(I'm not sure) music in the back ground.
3. Mohli Song - Jungle Book
4. Duck Tales
5. He-Man (and the masters of the Universe)
6. Street Hawk ( I still remember the schedule. It was sunday's around noon)
7. Obvioously Ramayana and Mahabaratha...Every kid during that time can repeat the title song.
8. Aaana Penna poranthu enna - Srividya's video about femaile infanticide.

The advent of private channels nowadays have made these type of videos a thing of past.

If something like this rings a bell in your mind, please comment.

Tuesday, June 13

looose paiyan un mela thaan loosa suthuraan

Girl, you got my heart breaking
Girl, the break no faking
Girl, its you that I need
Girl, oh yes indeed
Girl, as time flies by
Girl, this ain’t no right
Girl, if you aren't feeling my pain
Then Let me EXPLAIN

loosee penna loose loooose pennae - loose paiyan loosa suthuraan
loose loose loose pennae loose looose losose penna loose paiyan un mella thaan loosa loosa suthuraan

Good Work SIMBU

Monday, May 8

Photography !!

recently, picked up an interest in photography. Please view these pics and let me know your comments.

Tulip Festival

Here and There

I made it....I ran the town

Oh....have heard of "On top of the world" feeling. For the first time feeling it for the past 3 days. I ran the 20 KM(13.1 M) Indy 500 mini Marathon. Will update about the experience soon.

Monday, April 17

15 K of Smiles

A weekend that can be cherished for the rest of the life. A price for all the determination. Very Very happy that I fnished the 15 KM Marathon. Go to this page and search ny my name, you can see the results for yourself. Sorry if I sound pompous !!

Just wanted to share this acheivement. Waiting to try the 23 KM on May 06. Will keep you all posted about it.

Tuesday, March 7

I can be a Painter too !!!

For a long time, I have been thinking about painting my apartment. Finally, fulfilled one of my dreams. With some quick tips online, I started painting my kitchen and then went on to paint my living room. Still have some paint left to finish up my bedroom. I should honestly admit that it’s not an easy job to do. More than the painting it’s moving the stuffs around the house that takes a toll out of you. But as anything else, I wanted to finish what I started. All this physical pain did not matter a lot; the toughest part was choosing the color. There are thousands of colors on small blocks of sheets and its very hard to find one that you have in your mind. I was successful in choosing 2 out of the 3 colors correctly. The best one was the red. It was so vibrant and every time I see it I feel fresh. Interested in seeing the colors that I used, See this.

Friday, February 24

Weekend Websites

Goooooooood Morning America and Goooood Evening India.....

Its Another awesome friday and weekend is just around the corner. For those who are going to work this weekend - 'Dont work too hard', for others - just get out of your seat and jump around. Its been a while since I have been actively blogging. I guess I'm back in form.
Couple of nifty things that you guys might be interested in

- Microsoft has given its answer for Google earth. There view of 'Earth' just rocks!!. Guys at Microsoft have replaced google's picturistic view with a BIRD"S EYE view, which shows the exact picture of the place you are looking for. You must see it to beleive it. I saw the truck that's always parked in front of my apartment. Another great thing to do is to lookup Empire State Building. Look at it yourself and let me know your reactions.

- If you aare person who cares a lot about your self improvement, there is a very good website that i found during my web hopping. His blogs are really good and motivating.

- If you or anyone that you know of, are planning to know more about India( the mystic land of warmth, hospitality, tradition and spritualism) there is a very good site that filbert forwarded me. Gaze through it and enjoy.

Thursday, November 24

Columbus Columbus Vittachu Leave.......

Finally the day every Desi dreams about, is here.

Will be leaving to the airport in a couple of hours. A long travel to go. Just cant wait to set the foot on Indian Soil.

i'll keep updating the blog with whats happening in my trip. Keep reading

Thursday, November 17

California, A country by itself...

After almost 3.5 years of my time in US and for the first time ever, I got a chance to visit the mighty California. I'm currently in San Diego. I feel like I have come to a different country on the whole. The scene is very different. The roads, the variety of nationals that you see here, the number of Mexican restaurants, the beaches and the type of houses; everything is so different from the east. I have been jogging in one of the beaches in the early mornings. With moon slowly coming down towards the ocean and the surfers patiently waiting for bigger waves, birds all over the place, with seals taking an early morning nap it was a wonderful feeling. One more noticeable change is the number of palm trees. Whichever side you turn, you can see a palm tree. May be I'll drive down to San Diego downtown this evening and then LA on Sunday. I'm LA will be more surprising then San Diego is.

Friday, November 4

What a girl wants ??

Well this is a zillion dollar question that runs in the mind of each and every guy especially who falls under the age group of 18-25. If you split their skull open and take a peek, you will not be surprised to see this question dappled all over their brain. "WHAT DOES A GIRL WANT FROM ME". Car, bike, money, height, weight, intelligence, job, assets, sense of humor, love, affection, hey what the heck they really want??

She wants you to listen to what she talks and when our man finally listens to her, she stops talking and wants you to talk, If you adore her and tell her that she is the most beautiful thing on earth, she thinks you are flirting and lying, if you don't do that you are fit for nothing. If you try to hug or kiss her with love, you are not a perfect man, but if you don't do, chances are that she might think that you are not a man. If you don't keep an eye on her when you are among a group, you don't care about her, but if you do, she thinks you are possessive. When you always agree with her, you're an indecisive wimp. If you don't, you do not understand. If you smoke or drink, then you are no a gentleman, but if you don't you are a geek or a nerd and not so cool. You can't be sarcastic, you can't ogle other girls. Come-on what the heck these girls want???

This is nothing new. Ever since the human race evolved, we men, the most poor creatures in the earth, have been incompetent in coming up with an answer for this question. There is always this guy's talk that if you have car and money you can easily find a girl. That's all crap. You cannot get one until you know what she really wants and you can never know the answer because most of the time they don't know what they want too!!!

What say guys and gals ???