Thursday, November 17

California, A country by itself...

After almost 3.5 years of my time in US and for the first time ever, I got a chance to visit the mighty California. I'm currently in San Diego. I feel like I have come to a different country on the whole. The scene is very different. The roads, the variety of nationals that you see here, the number of Mexican restaurants, the beaches and the type of houses; everything is so different from the east. I have been jogging in one of the beaches in the early mornings. With moon slowly coming down towards the ocean and the surfers patiently waiting for bigger waves, birds all over the place, with seals taking an early morning nap it was a wonderful feeling. One more noticeable change is the number of palm trees. Whichever side you turn, you can see a palm tree. May be I'll drive down to San Diego downtown this evening and then LA on Sunday. I'm LA will be more surprising then San Diego is.


Blogger Preethi said...

Hey Amar,

I have not got a chance to visit WEST yet. Looks like its an entirely different experience. Hoping to visit someday soon...Have fun!!!

3:05 PM  

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