Tuesday, July 19

A Welcome Back !! For myself

Hi all, I dont want to resume my blogging with a cliché - 'Its been a long time'. Nope..I wont. But I'm sorry guys. I never thought so many people log into my page everyday. Thanks to Statcounter, without which I would never have come to know about you all. Thanks for reading my blog. I'll try to update it regularly.

Quick Reviews,

I have been watching quite a lot of movies for the last one week. So I thought of writing quick reviews on them

Anniyan - 27 crores in trash. The movie did not impress me a lot. Shankar has just filled his template with different theme and cast. Nothing new. Multiple Personality is an unwanted concept for this theme. Remo was a big torture. First half of the movie sucked big time. Second half is ok. Vikram has done a good Job. Vivek Rocks. Graphics- Just irritating. Time for Shankar to think of something else. A neat theme wasted badly.

Paheli - Expected to be bad. I thought I would be coming out cribbing about the movie. FOr my surprise, the movie was not so bad. Ravi K Chandran has done a wonderful job. A 3hour retreat for your eyes with all the ethnic Rajastani dresses and Interiors. Graphics - well done goes with the film. Sharukh Khan in his usual Angelic style - gives out expressions as if he is some kind of angel who has come to save the people in this earth. Music was also promising.

Nuvosthaavante Nenu Odhantaana - A decent telugu flick. Directed by prabhu Deva, the movie has provided more scope of acting for Trisha, which has been wasted again. Good performance by Karhtik, Prakash Raj. A decent movie which would be a delight if watched with family, sitting in your living room.

4 the People - Watched the telugu version. Amateur direction and performance from everyone. Music, inspired hugely from ARR. Again a good concept with some stupid screenplay.