Tuesday, March 7

I can be a Painter too !!!

For a long time, I have been thinking about painting my apartment. Finally, fulfilled one of my dreams. With some quick tips online, I started painting my kitchen and then went on to paint my living room. Still have some paint left to finish up my bedroom. I should honestly admit that it’s not an easy job to do. More than the painting it’s moving the stuffs around the house that takes a toll out of you. But as anything else, I wanted to finish what I started. All this physical pain did not matter a lot; the toughest part was choosing the color. There are thousands of colors on small blocks of sheets and its very hard to find one that you have in your mind. I was successful in choosing 2 out of the 3 colors correctly. The best one was the red. It was so vibrant and every time I see it I feel fresh. Interested in seeing the colors that I used, See this.