Saturday, June 25

Paheli - Chandran - Theater

One of the most awaited movies of the year Paheli is out. Reviews are pouring in praising the movie. The worst thing about not belonging to a big city in US is that you will have to wait long for watching the Indian movies. For example Paheli releases here on July 9th, so is Anniyan on the 10th of July. One gets to read everything about the movie before actaully watching it and many times you are so prejudiced, that you know what’s gonna come up next or what’s the flaws beforehand. I generally avoid reading about the movie, If I decided that I'm going to watch it.

Paheli is one such movie. The reason behind it is that this film is shot by Ravi K Chandran. For me, he is the best Cinematographer the Indian film industry has ever seen. Remeber the Tanhayee, Dil Chata Hai song and the visuals in the movie DCH, remember the visuals in Virasat, Kabhie Na Kabhie, Koi Mil Gaya, Kadukondein, Boys, Minsara Kanavu, Kanathil Muthamital, Yuva. They were just mind blowing. Any given day, without any doubt I will say that there is no other Indian movie that can match the visuals that he has used in all the above movies. DCH, being my favorite. When I read the review about this movie in Rediff, I was very happy to see that Chandran took the most part of it. It seems that Rani wants all her movies to be shot by Chandran, because he makes her look so beautiful on the silver screen like nobody else has ever done.

Ok what’s my point here is that i want you guys to watch this movie in a theater unless and until you have no other means. Its a justice that we can do for all the painstaking work by people like Chandran. I hate watching movie online or in pirate VCD's. I opt not watching the movie which on any day is better that watching it in VCD or Online. Only then you can appreciate their work and moreover this movie is about the people of Rajastan. He should have got a good scope to experiment new things for their costumes are so colorful and the locations are just mind blowing.

Please watch the movie and let me know how you liked it. I don’t guarantee the script, but for the visuals, I can bet a thousand bucks.