Monday, June 28

Sovereignty Surprise

Today we all woke up for a surprise from the US government handing over the power to Iraq well before the actually planned June 30 change over.

Does this act look like a surprise? This is not a surprise, this is cowardice!!

I wonder the way god creates men. Always there’s one, more powerful than the other. Americans think they are the most powerful in the world, but see he created Al-qeada militants who are even more powerful. See the way they are frightening these Americans. Even though what they are doing is wrong, I just adore their guts. One more fact which fascinates me a lot is that after giving these people everything they want why did he let them depend on the Muslims for oil. This is surprising more than anything else

Fahrenheit 9/11, hot enough!!!

It’s a great weekend for Michael Moore whose documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11 had a record collection of $23.9 million. Most of the people knew that this film has already won the best movie award in the Canne’s Film Festival 2004, but many of you would not be aware of the fact that Moore has surpassed his own record for his last film “Bowling of Columbine” for which the collection was about $22.8 million.

It’s really a bad news for George Bush because it’s expected that this movie will have the undecided voters shift to the democrats. Bush is attacked deliberately in this movie. He has clearly described that Bush does not deserve to be a president, because he actually did not win the election and Moore has strongly opposed him for his war against Iraq instead of Al-qeada. I’m intrigued and eagerly waiting to watch the movie at least by this weekend.

Saturday, June 26

NYC trip

You guys remember the NYC trip I was telling you all, two weeks ago. I got the photos ready and I got them posted online. Check out those snapshots at my online photo album.

My greatest companion !!!!

It’s been a long time since I came up with something here. More than the fact that I really had very little time, I was not in mood to write about anything for the last two weeks until Preethi(my classmate in Toledo) hinted me that its really a long time and I should write about something.

So I thought I’m going to write about my greatest companion, My Notebook. Dell Inspiron 600M is his name. His heart is a centrino 1.4Ghz, tummy as big as 40Gb, brain a bit low but obviously more than me, 256MB, weighs around 4 LB. This is the way he gets described physically. He is my greatest companion and the reasons are a lot. I scribble something in the name of blog every time, he never humiliates me, I waste a lot of time in the name of reading, mostly rubbish, he never advices me, I don’t feed or clean him, whenever I feel I should, I tell myself ‘lets do it tomorrow’, he helps in downloading a lot of music and software for me, he never gets tired. He never says a word even when he helps me in killing time, whenever I find that hard. It’s because of him I started writing blogs, it’s for him I started designing websites and did a lot more. He is a cute little fellow who sits of my lap for hours together. I have learnt a lot in his company. So he really deserves a word in my blog.

I’m proud that I have him with me. Last week I fulfilled my childish dream of using him in a Bus, Train and a Garden. It was fun, though seemed to be a bit of ‘bandha’. I liked it, people staring at me when I did that. It was fun. I share all my thoughts in the name of blogs only because of him. So he is really my best companion.

Saturday, June 19

A good one....

Yesterday, I saw these lines in a car in front of ours and liked it very much. This is what it read

" God gives and forgives,
Man gets and forgets"

Saturday, June 5

My NYC trip

I was on a trip to Niagara and New York City last weekend. I drove with my roommate Arun from Toledo to Sriram’ house in Buffalo. It’s a 6 hours drive from my place to Sriram’s. Driving on the freeways in US has always fascinated me so much. One will be inside a cool car generally one year or two years old, running at speed of 75-90m/hr(120-140km/hr). I always love to drive on the freeways. Roads smooth like a runway and woods on either side, no wonder one will fall asleep while driving. But luckily I didn’t. From Buffalo two other friends accompanied us and we all went to the mighty Niagara falls. I must thank god for I’m so lucky to see the beauty of Niagara falls for the second time. Sriram must be more blessed for he is visiting the falls for the 9th or 10th time. Then we started driving to NewYork City. The two days which I spent in NewYork City were the best and unforgettable for me. The most fascinating thing were all five of us had never been to NYC, so exploring everything with use of maps were real fun.

The best part of the trip was the statue of Liberty. I was stunned by the magnanimity of the statue and it beauty. Another best place was the Times Square. The lights flashing in the night time , plasma screens and people all over makes the place simply extravagant. Next was the Empire State Building, regarded to be a wonder of the world. I was surprised to see the speed in which the elevator soared up to 86th floor in a few seconds. I also got to see Ground Zero, NYSE, Wall Street, Ellis Island. Even Madras will not be so crowded lik NYC. It was a wonderful trip altogether. I got to meet my friend Sriram and spend time with him. I’m blessed to see all these places. I must thank god for all these.