Friday, February 24

Weekend Websites

Goooooooood Morning America and Goooood Evening India.....

Its Another awesome friday and weekend is just around the corner. For those who are going to work this weekend - 'Dont work too hard', for others - just get out of your seat and jump around. Its been a while since I have been actively blogging. I guess I'm back in form.
Couple of nifty things that you guys might be interested in

- Microsoft has given its answer for Google earth. There view of 'Earth' just rocks!!. Guys at Microsoft have replaced google's picturistic view with a BIRD"S EYE view, which shows the exact picture of the place you are looking for. You must see it to beleive it. I saw the truck that's always parked in front of my apartment. Another great thing to do is to lookup Empire State Building. Look at it yourself and let me know your reactions.

- If you aare person who cares a lot about your self improvement, there is a very good website that i found during my web hopping. His blogs are really good and motivating.

- If you or anyone that you know of, are planning to know more about India( the mystic land of warmth, hospitality, tradition and spritualism) there is a very good site that filbert forwarded me. Gaze through it and enjoy.