Saturday, October 23

Routh - The next Super Man

The next superman movie is slated to be released in 2006 and the producers of the movie have found a little-known actor Brandon Routh for this role. So Routh will soon take the place of the famous Reeve who passed away just a couple of weeks ago. Reeve captured a place in the heart of millions of fans all over the world through his Superman movies. Routh, who for me slightly resembles Reeve, is a perfect pick.

Tuesday, October 19

Welcome to the world of Berries !!

BlackBerry the most popular among the business people in US has been introduced in India. So you can see this wonder gadget everywhere very soon. The cost of the instrument did not surprise many, for it is labeled at Rs.19000. But what really surprises is the monthly plan which is at Rs. 2800. This Blackberry is my dream phone, which I was planning to buy in June’05. It has all the features of a modern cell phone and a PDA. It has Bluetooth, WAP, so one can email, browse and organize their data in them. It has a 65000 color vibrant display and has an in-built memory for data storage. It operates on all bands and also GSM/GPRS systems. BlueBerry are the next version of this, which will soon hit the markets. The total customers targeted are around 1 million. Can’t wait, to be one among them. !!!

Monday, October 11


Bala gets ready for his next film, but this time not as a director, but as a producer. This is nothing new in the Tamil Industry. Many successful directors like Maniratnam, Shankar and many others have produced their assistant director’s movies. But this movie seems to be an in and out comedy film. The promo stills for the movie in which Surya has a comical moustache like the late comedy actor Chandra Babu, says it all. Surya must be appreciated in this regards, for he takes risks more than any other heroes in the industry. Jothika plays the female interest. This will be directed by Singapuli and music by Devi Prasad. Let’s wait and watch!

Monday, October 4

Yeh Jo Desh hai tera !!!!

After a long wait ARR has come with SWADES. As usual another master piece from the maestro. He really is a Mozart form Madras. For those who do not know anything about the movie it is by Lagaan fame Asuthosh Gowrikar. Gowrikar-Javed –“ARR” combo as worked fine this time as well.

I have been listening the album from yesterday. Obviously, the best track in the album is none other than “Yeh Jo Des he tera” sung by ARR himself. I presume it to be a patriotic song with the little bit of hindi I understand and I’m sure this is going be heard all over India for the next 2 or 3 months. The chorus running behind the song and the ‘shenai’ portion in between the song is awe inspiring. He has used the same ‘shenai’ bit in another theme music track. The whizkid has used lot of Tabla this time and flute also has taken a good portion of the songs and the theme music.

My next favourite song is the ‘Yeh taara oh Taara ar taara’. As usual you can witness a bliss in Udit’s voice. The childish voice in this song is really a flash in the pan. Udit has done a great job in the other two songs also.

‘Dekho na’ is the same as ‘Baba kichu kichu thaa’ from the tamil album ‘BABA’. Unusually a song sounded good even when translated.

With king SRK in the lead role these songs surely will be a super hit. Those who haven’t listened to these songs please do it asap !..

Saturday, October 2

Remembering Mahatma....

Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this walked the earth in flesh and blood.
—Albert Einstein about Gandhi
Einstien's words are the most appropriate way to describe about Gandhi. I'm a big fan of Gandhi right from my childhood and these phrases here inspired me a lot.