Friday, January 7

Prevention is better than cure...

The place where I live is on a flood alert. Though I think the chances are certainly low, I'm just amazed by the precautions these people take here. All schools and community centers are closed. Flood warnings everywhere. Due to heavy rain, the county water company has asked everyone to boil the water for 3 mins before they consume them. This had been the flash news in all radio and television channels for the past two days. Not only that, every office complex has got a email, which got forwarded to all, asking everyone to boil the water before consumption. Its 'BOIL THE WATER" - everywhere. Placards and stick-ons near every water fountain in my office building makes me feel ashamed of the life we live in India. We take everything for granted. Don't we..?

Thursday, January 6

Contemplating and Confessing on 2004!

I foud these questions in a meenaks blog and thought I would answer them too..

1. Your ‘high’ moment of the year.
-The moment I received my job offer call.

2. Your ‘low’ moment of the year.
-Everytime I used to talk to a consultant when searching for a job.

3. Faux pas/greatest regret.
-Lost my University Badminton game.

4. Something that got you 'almost famous' and nearly catapulted you into the Hall of Fame.
- Getting my college group together...-:) still haven't succeeded to the fullest

5. The 3 things you wanted to do the most this year, and did!
-Find a good job
-rejuvante the - almost dead group
-Start Blogging

6. The 3 things you wanted to do the most this year, and couldn’t/didn’t!couldn't say
- there's a lot

7. Number of resolutions you made for 2004. And how many you actually stuck to.
-None - None.

8. The list of cities/ places/ countries you visited in 2004.
-Dubai, New York, Princeton, Jersey, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, South Carolina

9. Your movie of the year award goes to...
-Terminal, 50 First Dates (English), Aaiyutha Eluthu, Autograph (Tamil), Lakshya, Swades (Hindi)

10. A friend lost? A friend found? A friend made?
-made lots of friends this year. Many interesting personlaities.

11. You will remember 2004 as the year of …
-my first job and the year of best and worst experiences

12. The 3 things you really want to do in 2005.
-Learn Guitar
-Publish atleast one article in any one of the supplementeries of Hindu
-bring my parents to US

13. A set of 13 words that will be your keywords for 2005!
-Loneliness, work ethics, programming, testing,documentation, travelling, girl friend(i think i'll never get one -:))....