Friday, April 29

Churning in Politics - A good Sign

This is about our prime ministers suggestion to bring up new guidelines and set new standards about who are tainted ministers and who are not. This is a welcome move, which should have happened decades ago. I would be happy if they come up with some minimum qualification and criteria's to take up office, leave alone the minister, why not even the MLAs. As rightly said by him we, today have groups of people, they are in important positions, who do not draw this distinction between the public interest and private interest, who do not recognise that the state exists to promote social good. This distinction between the public good and private good does not come easily. Our political system has to pass through this phase which I regard is probably an essential component of our polity growing to maturity.

Indian Shininig...:)

Thursday, April 7

Pacer's Night!

Last night I was at the conseco fieldhouse, Indianapolis to watch Pacers and Cavaliers in action. Its a dream come true, watching the NBA players live. Guess who all I saw in person - It was King Lebron James, Reggie Miller, Stephen Jackson. Never thought I would watch a NBA game. But the worst part is whenever I gofor a game, that particular game works out to be a drag actually. I mean the pacers dominated the game from the start and Cleveland sucked big time. They did not even fight after the second quarter. It was the same case with the Colts football game with Texas-Houstons. But I enjoyed the environment there. It was fun! I have posted some pictures in my photo blog.