Thursday, April 29

I made it to the news !!!!

" A man was injured riding his bicycle near the Glass Bowl April 16. When police arrived, the man was bleeding from his mouth, knee and elbow. A tooth, which was knocked out because of the accident, was lying next to him in a glass of milk, which was placed there by bystanders. The man was taken to Toledo Hospital. "

- this was a report of an accident on a local newspaper ICollegian. The man talked about here is no other than Amarnath the great. I'm happy that I made it to the news.

Wednesday, April 28

I surely cannot be a teacher !!!

This is my last week of tutoring. For those who don’t know much about me, I work as a Math tutor. This is my job on campus. I sit in a Math lab (that’s how they call it) with other tutors, and students who have trouble come to us and we have to help them with there questions. Ah!! Almost tired of it. Eventhough I have a lot patience(I think I have), I decided I cannot be a teacher. I’m tutoring for the last one and half year. Would have tutored more than 500 students mostly Americans, some Brazilians, Middle east, Peurto Ricans, Jamaicans, et cetra. Though I had a nice time tutoring to start with, things became monotonous and I started hating this job. I’m not generalizing, but Americans have a big problem with math. They just cant do it. On top of it they hate doing math. “Math is my worst subject”, “Math Sucks”, “I want to pass this course very badly”, “I’m taking this math course because I flunked the first time, I want to get over with it”…these are the most common statements I hear from students coming to the math lab. At times I take at least twenty minutes to explain if x-3 = 0, then x=3. This is the common basic math that many of them find difficult to understand. I can’t tell why their standard is so low. The college algebra here for non engineering students is the same algebra we study in our sixth or seventh grade. In spite of all these I had no other go, because I know this is the best job on campus, compared to the job in cafeterias and dorms which my friends do.
But I’m happy that I’m done with this and I know I surely cannot be a teacher especially a one on one teacher. It requires lot of patience to be one. Its summer now and I’m going to start with my patrolling job, which is my favorite. For those who don’t know what that job is about, there will be a blog on it, sometime in summer.

Wednesday, April 21

The Greatest debacle !!!!!

The reason I ran scant on the number of blogs last week was an accident. I fell off from a bicycle. Shame!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t. No not at all. Sometimes things workout really bad, this incident especially still remains a nightmare for me. That’s ok I'll take this as a lesson. I wanted to describe this incident to as many people I can, which I did. Now I'm running out of people, so thought I could post it in my blog. It all happened last Friday when I and Sathish went on for a bicycle ride. We almost completed 26km before we reached a small hill road. I came down the hill very fast and continued cycling, so was a bit fast than usual, suddenly ran over a bump on the pathway, due to which my bike started whirling and I had to apply the brake. Riding a new bike so fast without trying a hand on it before was the mistake I did.

Now comes the interesting part for all of you. I had to apply brakes. Due to the sudden brake I fell from the bike as if a professional diver was diving on to a swimming pool. Fell right on my mouth. The only thing I could see was a tooth flying off my mouth. That was synonymous to a missile form a launcher and the worst part was another tooth from the front was coming out like a cassette out of a VCR after u click the eject button. Luckily the latter was not completely knocked off and blood was coming out of my mouth like a volcanic eruption (looks like over exaggeration, kindly bare with me). Then Sathish used the emergency booth near the ramp and called the cops. I was surrounded with people all over, two cop vehicles, fire engine and an ambulance. All these made me feel I had a major accident for a minute. But I was confident nothing will happen.

The luckiest part was one unknown girl rushed with some milk from her dorm and put my tooth into it. I came to know that’s the first aid for teeth, to avoid that from decaying. I must be really grateful to her. That’s a time really I felt god is within each of us. They rushed me to a hospital nearby. I had two stitches in my lips. Although I'm all right now, my tooth is not tight enough in its place. So, I’m having only liquid diet for the past one week. No chewing at all. I wish I reduce some weight due to this. I would be happy if that happens. I’m confident that I’ll be alright in a week or two.

Pray for my teeeeeeeeeeetthhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 18

Vajpayee, Premji and Ash make it in Time's list!!

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, IT bellwether Wipro chairman Azim Premji and film star Aishwarya Rai made it to the Time magazine list of the world's 100 most powerful and influential people.

Vajpayee shares the ranks with US President George W. Bush, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Hu Jintao and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in the list to be released on Monday.

The list, which is categorised - leaders and revolutionaries, builders and titans and scientists and thinkers, heroes and icons and artists and entertainers - also includes the names of Al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden under the first category.

Each category has 20 names, said The Independent on Sunday, to which the list was available exclusively.

Yoga instructor B.K.S Iyengar, former South African president Nelson Mandela, Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung Sang Suu Kyi and Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama figure in the heroes and icons category.

Harry Potter series author J.K. Rowling and Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman find mention along with Aishwarya Rai in the artistes and entertainers category.

The builders and titans category lists Premji, along with media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.

Khel jeetha , Dill Jeethliya!!

This was the word from our prime minister soon after India’s historic series win over Pakistan at Rawalpindi. I’m sure that Atal –ji would have been praying all the time that this series should go hassle free, because more than a game it’s a series which will keep him more on the positive edge in this election. If something would have happened for the players or the team, then I’m sure the opposition would have made a big fuss on this issue. But this series has got him more accolades. This series is surely a successful one, mentally for the Indian team and financially for the organizers. The Pakistan cricket board can be happy that it made nearly $14mill through this series. I wish our team perform the same way in the forthcoming tours too.

Wednesday, April 14

The ‘O’ word !!!

We all use a lot of ‘O’ words. Well what does ‘O’ stand for? It means different things for different people. And sometimes, just the opposite. It's the same sphere that makes for a zero in your answer paper and the same sphere that means you are a hero when it appears in your grade column in the report card: O for Outstanding.

It's the same O that comes out when there's a cheer - as the song goes, "O Podu." The same O that comes out of frustration - Oh! The same O that comes out of oomph - Ooooh! And the same O that stands for pain - Ooh! Aah! And Ouch!

But everybody's favourite O on campus is for anything that you get free or when you get somebody else to pay for you - O.C.! Here's a little etymological background that we managed to get our hands on.
Legend has it that British officials in pre-independent India used to send official documents in envelopes that were marked On Company Service, which meant no stamps had to be affixed. Slowly, this was abbreviated to OCS and the initials were corrupted over the years and `O.C.' slowly joined the language.

The most common O word on campus is for anything and everything you understand or want to pretend to understand.The word that most listeners use for their bit of conversation and to describe anything that is average or decent. Or when something is approved. O for O.K.

Since, we are on our gyaan mode, here's more etymological background. The most accepted origin is its derivation from Orl Korrekt, a corruption of All Correct. However, other theories indicate it could be a corruption of the French word au quai or d'accord, which means `Agreed' (Accord... Acco... Occo... Ok, get it now?). The Americans used the word `okeh.' And the Scottish believe its derives its genesis from `Och Aye.' Ever since, it has also been spelt `Okay' and been further corrupted to Okie or Okie-dokie! Not all etymologists agree on all these theories. But who cares, right? It's Orl Kool, these days! Most students in the city, however, use the local pronunciation: Wokay!

The third most-used O word on campus is very similar to the first two - its called O.B. Origins unknown. But the word O.B. refers to someone who idles away his time and gets away with it. Most students fall under this category. Some students, however, insist that the word O.B. has to do with unmentionable foul words. So foul that it could get them expelled from college, they say. A conservatively, approximate translation would mean `messing around,' we hear.

There is also a mysterious O word that most college students use while starting off a string of abuses - it interestingly sounds very same as `What the hell' or `What the heck' but it does not mean the same. It's another foul word, they say.
O Oh!

Courtesy: The Hindu

Monday, April 12

Well, looking after my dad’s business!!

This would be the answer, if you ask a politician’s son, what does he do? Especially this election which will feature a record maximum of young contestants in the poll fray will see most of them from the family of the senior leaders and Late ministers and party loyalists. Though this is not anything new to Indian politics (I would rather call democratic set-up, evident in most of the countries), the most fascinating thing about this election is that it will showcase a lot of them from 20-30 years of age. The age group of nearly a half of India’s total population. If it is Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti from the north, it is M.K. Stalin, G.K.Vaasan and Dayanidhi Maaran in the south. Politics has almost become a family business now in India.

First we shall look at the congress party which is very well known for its dynastic regime. Rahul Gandhi, 33 filing his nomination in Amethi was a flash in the pan, because he is the best example for the fact that pedigree counts in India. With him, his sister Priyanka Vadra, 32 will also be in the fray supporting congress. On digging out more facts and statistics I found that these two are not the only prominent successors but there are a lot more. The soothing fact is that many of them are (really) well educated, which I think is a definite need for Indian politics.

Sandeep Dikshit, 39 son of Sheila Dikshit will be contesting in UP. Sachin Pilot 26 , son of Late. Rajesh Pilot and a MBA graduate will be contesting from Dausa in Rajastan. Rajeev Gowda, 40 a professor in IIM , son of M.V Venkatappa, will be contesting for Bangalore South constituency. Randeep Surjewala 37, a practicing lawyer and son of S.S.Surjewala will contest in Haryana. Sudhir Sharma 31, son of Late Sant Sharma will be contesting in Himachal. Jitendar Singh 31, an automobile engineer and son of Late. Mahendra Kumari, will be contesting from Alwar. Jiten Prasad 30 , an MBA graduate and son of Late. Jitendra Prasad, will be contesting from Shajahanpur, UP. R.P.N Singh 39, son of Late. C.P.N Singh, will be contesting from Padrauna, UP. Milind Deora 27, a BBA graduate and son of Murto Deora, will be contesting from Mumbai South. Amit Deshmukh 27, Chemical engineer and son of Vilasrao Deshmuk, will be contesting in Maharastra. This is not it, there’s a lot more. It would be annoying to read such a long list, so I better stop here.

The dynastic pack of BJP has also opted for politics though there are a lot of other activities which they can be part off, if they like to either earn for them or serve for the country (that’s eventually the reason they give for jumping into politics). The irony is that Feroze Varun Gandhi, 23 would be supporting her mother Maneka Gandhi, minister in the ruling NDA alliance. The other important names to mention would be Raj Thanckeray 36 and Uddhav Thackeray 44, son of Shiv Sena supreme, Bal Thackeray. Akilesh Yadav 30, an MBA graduate from American University and son of Mulayam Singh Yadav, will be contesting from Kannauj,UP. Manvendra Singh 39, son of Jaswant Singh, will be contesting from Barmer, Rajastan.

Lot more, each one of them taking a pedigree advantage using their second name will really be a watch out for in this election. Whatever or whoever may that be, lets expect them to do something useful for the country. After all that’s the usual thing we look out for in vain every single time.

Courtesy: India Today

Thursday, April 8

India's Top Ten richest Women

Here's the top ten lucrative women in India. I was wondering how Amma's and her friends name did not grab a place and I found out that this list takes the declared wealth and the value of shares each of them own, into consideratrion.

1. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, chairperson of Biocon with a personal net worth Rs 1,920(19.2billion).

2. Sudha Gopalkrishan, wife of Infosys CEO Mr.Gopalakrishnan, with net worth currently stands at Rs 1,023 crore.

3. Sudha Murthy, wife of Infosys Technologies founder, Narayana Murthy, with a personal net worth of Rs 775 crore.

4. Rohini Nilenkani (wife of Nandan Nilekani) ,Akshata Murthy (daughter of Narayana Murthy), both are individually worth Rs 675 crore.

6. Anu Aga, chairperson of the Pune-based Thermax, is worth Rs 599 crore.

7. Asha Dinesh (Infosys Technologies) is worth Rs 587 crore.

8. Jamuna Raghvan (wife of former Infosys Technologies Joint Managing Director N S Raghavan) is worth Rs 554 crore.

9. Priyamvada Birla, chairperson of the MP Birla group, has a personal net worth of Rs 310 crore

10. Mrs. Venu Srinivasan of TVS Motors.

PS : You would like to be one among them, the easiest way will be to marry a millionaire.

Summer Delight for Tamil Viewers

This summer Kollywood is all set to rock. With a number of films lined up for release, I think people, especially college goers will have a handful of movies to watch out for. Though this is quite a usual scene during most of the summer, this summer promises to be a lot different. Movies of all bigwigs of the Tamil filmdom are ready for a big fight. The most promising one would be none other than (you all would have guessed by now)

Aayitha Eluthu. As all of you know, this movie is creating waves allready, with the music and trailer released I think this movie will prove to be the best bilingual movie ever made in the Indian film industry, with Madhavan, Surya, Sidhharth, Esha Deol, Trisha, Meera Jasmine in Tamil and Ajay devgan, Abhishek Bachan, Vivek oberoi, Kareena Kaoor, Rani Mukherjee in Hindi titled Yuva. I have a big hope on Maniratnam. Mani has gone all tech savvy as usual. Its said that his cameraman Ravi K Chandran has used three different kinds of lenses and colors for each of the heroes in the film. A R Rahman is back with a bang. The Baadsah of Indian music rocks when combined with Mani. Vairamuthu has penned good lyrics and the dialogues are by Sujatha. The whole tamil industry is desperately waiting to watch this movie. I'm intrigued!!!

If u have not watched the latest update of the website, I request u to do that first. I was simply enthralled on seeing the website. The phrases on the first page are awesome. Hats off to Mani.

Thursday, April 1

The Statements !!!! - 2

"I do not understand this alliance, they should have at least avoided holding it on April Fool's day."

-- Atal Bihari Vajpayee referring the joint rally by Ms Gandhi and Sharad Pawar.

"The people of Tamil Nadu cannot tolerate this lawless rule for two more years and Article 356 will be used for the last time to dissolve the anti-people AIADMK Government as the Congress will have majority in both Houses of Parliament.''

-- Ramdoss the kingmaker (he thinks himself as one)