Tuesday, November 23

Congratulations Aishwarya...:)

For the last couple of weeks Chennai had been an happening place. With the arrest of Sankarachaarya and the secrets behind the killing of a temple employee, sudden blessing or blushing from the rain god and above all RajiniKanth's daughter Aishwarya's marraige and reception. Thanks to Indiaglitz and Dinakaran, without which the anxiety of the fans, worldwide, who would have gone mad. I say this because, I heard that the top search in goolge on the 19th was for this marraige.

Dhanush is really lucky. Lets hope this fame doesn't find a place in his head and the couple lead a happy married life for ever.

PS: The two most important outcomes of this marraige

1. Amma's visit and the developments in the relation between her and Rajini

2. The Q for rajini's second duaghter is growing alarmingly long, the fact that Dhanush(who is not very far from being smart) had married the first one and also, she is more beautiful then her elder sibling, have added many more to the line.

Tuesday, November 16

Its game day ....last Sunday..!!!

Its football season in US and one can feel the football fever especially during weekends. On Monday when you go back to school or work in US, the people here do not start there work unless they discuss about the game the previous day. Fantasy football team, synonymous with our super selectors, is very famous among the working community here. Especially being in a city which has a famous football team and the highest paid quarter back in the NFL history, this is a usual story. I happened to watch a game live last Sunday. The stadium which hosted the game is a famous one in US. I wanted to watch at least one game and I was happy that I made it. When I entered inside the stadium, that moment was really surprising in the way the stadium was built. Its an indoor football stadium, where the roof sans pillars stands with air pressure. Though the game was fully dominated by the home team it was a good game to watch for, with all the excitement, music, 60000 people, cheerleaders and noise. The number of sponsorers for the game would have easily crossed 100. Airlines to pickle makers, everyone were there with there own competitions and lucky draws. For a while I thought the number of commercials in SUN TV were very less. I captured some of the moments there and wanted to share it with you. Here are a couple of them. Enjoy..!!! ...Sorry, the pictures were eating up a lot of space, so had to remove them.

Monday, November 15

Sorry..sorry...hmm sorry..---- Kushi Style...!!!

Sorry again for not updating my blogs. I can give a number of excuses, but I know bad time management and laziness are the two big things which had kept me from doing it. I feel I'm kind of maladjusted with the new schedule especially when coming to write blogs. I hate myself for this. The US presidential elections, Death of Yasser Arafat, US attack of Fallujah, Kollywoods Thanksgiving to JJ, Dhanush-Aish marraige, Diwali, India -Aus series were some of the topics I wanted to write a blog on, but did not. I'll have to make it a point I write atleast 3 blogs everyweek. I'll make it happen from now.

Sunday, November 7


The Standard of The Hindu is slowly detiorating. I never used to believe that. But I was surprised after reading this awful review of the album SWADES in its Metro Plus supplementary. In this write up the author has described SWADES as a period film, which is not the case. An author who writes review about movies should and would have watched the trailer of the movie which are already on air in most of the satellite channels. One more important fact which put me in stall was that the author did not describe a word about Yeh Joh Desh Hey Tera song!! I cannot accept this fact. I doubt whether the author listened to the album completely before writing this review. Because this song is not a one that can be easily forgot when trying to review an album like Swades.

It will be really bad if this continues.