Wednesday, March 31

Did the little master take a long time ?

Soon after the second days play, one of my friends, who is an anti-sachin fan told me that Sachin asking for 2 or 3 more overs to complete his double ton was idiotic. I thought I could bring up some facts about that, from an article in MSN. Although Sachin was not playing the way he could have, these facts will show you he has not taken any extra time.

"But was Sachin too slow for the team’s liking? Statistics often hide more than they reveal, but at least in this case, it reveals enough. While Sachin’s innings was not the fastest he has played, his 194 in 348 balls compares favourably with all of Dravid’s four double hundreds. Dravid’s first double ton (200 against Zimbabwe) came in 350 balls while against England in 2002, he used up 468 balls for his 217.Against the Kiwis at Ahmedabad, Dravid made 222 in 387 balls while against the Aussies Down Under, his 233 came in 446 balls.

Sachin Tendulkar may have paid a price for his genius, for not playing the way he is capable of playing. Or maybe, it was just an honest mistake from Dravid, a man who prides himself on the way he plays the game.

The little master from Mumbai and the Wall would already have moved on by the time this is written and it is time for us to think of happier things as well. If Sachin scores anything more than 5 runs in his next innings, he would have hit 500 runs in Tests since the time he was last dismissed. The big daddy has now put a really big price on his wicket, and for bowlers around the world, there can be no thought more worrying.

Some time ago, a cricket lover from Australia was moved enough by the sight of Sachin batting to put up a banner that read ‘I have seen God, he bats for India’. "

again I request people like my friend to please celebrate his genius.

Bush got the wrong Arithmetic

It’s almost a year since US led coalition troops started the strike against Iraq. Let’s condole this moment of infamy with some real facts and see how Bush went wrong in his arithmetic. It all started with Bush claiming the presence of weapons of mass destruction. Since then there is a big loss of wealth and men both the sides. The fact is more than 20,000 civilians have died (most of them children and women) and Iraq is totally damaged even without proper electricity and basic needs. No actual purpose was solved by this war.

Even considering the point that Bush thought of conquering the oil fields in Iraq and establishing a global market, by which he can bring up a good improvement in US economy, his calculations did not work as intended. One is through a burgeoning official defense budget, which stood at $375.3 billion in 2003 and is estimated to be $401.7 billion in 2004. The failure to restore damaged oil facilities and the attacks on oil installations by the resistance to the war have meant that production has limped back to just 2.2 million barrels a day, which was the average level it had reached in 2002. Yet, the President's Office of Management and Budget, recently reported to the U.S. Congress that oil revenues, which touched $3.9 billion in 2003, would rise to $13 billion this year. The point to note is that even this optimistic estimate, which is more than unlikely to be realized, will not cover the operating costs of the Iraqi government, estimated at $15.6 billion for 2004.

The Bush administration claims proudly that it has set the Iraqi people free from the clutches of Sadam, the Iraqi people don't show even a small sign of it. Many would have watched people from Fallujah shouting anti-American slogans and dragging the bodies of four American civilians. The most terrifying fact is that out of the 597 American soldiers killed till now; nearly 480 of them were killed after Bush announced that the major combat is over.

THERE is a larger story behind these developments. One of the puzzles of U.S. economic growth in recent times is a combination of a robust recovery with no jobs. While gross domestic product (GDP) growth has been in excess of 4 per cent, unemployment still stands at an uncomfortable 5.6 per cent. On an annualized basis, the 21,000 jobs created in February 2004 amounted to less than 10 per cent of the 2.6 million jobs the Bush administration has promised to generate in this year. The cause for the recovery is quite clear: a massive rise in government spending fuelled by the occupation of Iraq.

Courtesy - The Frontline

Sunday, March 28

The Statements - 1 !!!!!

From today I will have some funny statements released by our nethas(great leaders !!!!)

"I shall rule Bihar as long as I live and the BJP or any other adversary do not have the guts to uproot the RJD in Bihar. I am the de facto chief minister while my wife Rabri is the de jure."

- no other than Padmashri !!! Lalloo Prasad Yadav ji

Honour your Body

This is the most important thing, many of us fail to do. Studies shows increased number of deaths due to heart related diseases amongst the Indians. A recent survey by India Today magazine showed that majority of Indians who live in US die early due to heart disorders. Why is all these happening ? We fail to honour our body. Is That because we don't have time, or we don't have the facilities, or we don't have money to do it...No we don't feel the importance in it. I don't mean to generalise.

The best way to honour ones body is by spending some time for it. exercises will take a larger portion of that time. Exercising for 30 minutes everyday will lead you to an healthy living. I keep it a point to spend atleast an hour in gym.I'm not asking you to go to gym immediately. No matter what your adversity on this be. Start slowly, by changng your life style. Changing the way you live in day to day life will make much difference. Take steps instead of elevator, walk instead of catching a shuttle, take lot of fruits in your meal, these small things will fetch you a lot.

Check your Look - When you take care of how you look, you automatically take steps to change your lifestyle.

Improve your wisdom - It takes time to be wise(especially for a dumbo like me!!). Some people are smart when they are young, but many need to age to have wisdom.Nurturing your wisdom and spirit is a good step to become wise. A spiritual life will help you in this and to lead a life with context.

Keep in touch - Some studies have indicated that keeping in touch with family, friends and the community is really important and a key to longevity.

- Sleeping enough is an extremely important aspect of feeling good. A normal adult needs 7 hours of sleep everyday.Pampering is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.
So give it a start, begin exercising and change your life style for a healthy living.

I hope today's blog will not be just a regular advice but an uplifting to most of you.

Saturday, March 27

A Living Legend - really he is

Now what? I asked myself and did not have any answers. After some time I had this big discussion with one of my friend which is kind of a cliché for most of us, Is Sachin winning matches for India ? His point was Sachin never helped India win matches except for very few occasions. He is an ardent fan of Brian lara. I don't oppose him being a fan of Lara, I too like him. But nobody seems to be better than Sachin for me. This Little master is a gift to India I would say. He is cricket for most of the fans in India, the one who still shows his brilliancy consistency in the game, the one for whom the best bowlers in the world are terrified to bowl, for whom they invent new techniques to get him away from the ground. He is the champion of champions.

"Tendulkar picks the ball up so early and is an amazing stroke-maker. Consistency is the factor that makes Tendulkar special. He is often spoken about in the same breath as Brian Lara, but as far as I am concerned, the comparison does not even begin. Lara is not half as consistent as Tendulkar and lacks the discipline of the latter." - Allan Donald on one of his interviews.

And remember last time when hit a century knock against pakistan you would have seen Akhtar admiring the little master. We all know how fierce and egoistic Akhtar. If a person with that nature and also being a pakistan player can laud sachin why we are still behind him telling that he is not winning matches. I remember 5 r 6 years back India reached decent scores and many times avoided getting humiliated only because of him. If you want him to stand till the end of the game why do u need 10 more players you could just have one batsmen on the non strikers end while India is going for bat. See he is opening the innings and people want him to play the whole match and win the game. Take his last innings, if he had not scored the 141 runs there will never be a question of winning the game. See all I say is there are good batsmen. I'm not saying that sachin is the only one. But he is surely best of all.

"I have never made a secret of the fact that I rate Tendulkar the best batsman in the business. As far as I am concerned he is technically the most sound player I have ever bowled to. Add to that the manner in which he plays, always trying to dominate the bowler. Among his contemporaries, Steve Waugh, Brian Lara and Inzamam-ul Haq are often compared to the little maestro. Each has his trademark, but Tendulkar combines all of their qualities to make him the best of the lot." - McGrath

After seeing all these too some people never stop. So I lose many of these illogical arguments with them. I would say all this arguments arise because they expect Tendulkar to do magic and when he fails to do them they get frustrated and go against him knowing that what they do is complete non sense. The problem is, we in this country are too used to Tendulkar. It is almost as if we have been in the presence of exceptional genius for too long that we have come to take it for granted. And when you take anything for granted, you fail to realize its true significance, its real value.

Over expectation makes him look bad sometimes. He is the only player in the world of cricket who used to carry and still carries the expectations of a whole nation, the young, the old, even our grandmothers in our house wants him to keep going. That’s because he is the only hope. When he comes on the field more than 10million eyes are wathing him and people expect him to wiiiiiiiiiiiinn matchessssssss....... F#$@@$@#$#@$#$@#$...kers(sorry about this, but can't help it)....he will not win matches for you.

Finally I would say that its really unfortunate for him that we people are rating his genius. Those of us who rate don’t realize that we have played only street cricket and very occasionally played in a play ground. I'm sure almost all of us would have never played a full 50 over match in our whole life. So its my humble request to all the people who keep starting this illogical and foolish argument, Please realize his genius. When people all over the world are eager to watch him play why are we not satisfied with him. So let us all be proud that Sachin is living in the same era as we are and we can talk greatly about ourselves with our next generations that we have watched him playing. The horrifying fact is that the time is not too far when he might stop playing, even if we want to see him play so please celebrate his genius. He really is a legend......

Friday, March 26

Finally I decided that i'm gonna write one too. This is my first weblog. So limit your expectations. Now that i have made up my mind to write one, what would i write up on ? was the big question running on my mind. The first one sparkled on my mind was

The Four best things I'm missing , being here in US

1. My Bike
Oh ! I miss riding my bike here. I used to love it. I have a Hero Honda passion and used it to go anywhere and everywhere in Madras, even if I want to go to a friends house in next street I used it. Even though riding it in Madras traffic sucks, eventhough there would be a black layer of carbon over the skin in my face and arms, eventhough riding on a summer noon used to kill me, eventhough i had a accident without any fault of mine, eventhough I went to a courtroom, hearing someone shouting my name 3 times Amarnath !! Amarnath !! Amarnath !!, I miss riding my bike.

2. Indian Sweets
I loooooooooooooooooovve sweets. I would die for sweets. My mouth always tell the brain to stop! enjoy ! and proceed ! when I'm passing by a good sweet stall in Madras. Shree Mittai in Spur Tank road and Agarwal Bhavan in Bose road are my favoutire. I wonder how many varities of sweets and chat items are there in India. There must be atleast a million. I should not forget to mention about the home made sweets, Oh god ! I want to go back to madras right now.

3. Cinemas
Although I'm watching 3 to 4 movies (mostly english) every week, I miss watching tamil movies on the big screen. Trying to watch the movie on the first day of release with lot of friends seated together shouting and screaming. It looks somewhat foolish now when I watch silent english cinema halls, But I'm still missing that fun. Watching the movie before some of the friends watching them, before anybody tells the story and stoping them from telling the story of the movie, first day first show are the things that I miss a lot.

4. Cricket
Being a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar its really hard being here and missing all his innings. The worst fact is that Sachin might stop playing 3 r 4 years from now. So I'm missing some of his important innings. I felt this even last week when he made 141 against pakistan. Still worst is the fact that I was not able to watch the Australian series for which I was in India, because of the CAS confusion. I really miss the game and the excitement that prevails among the people of all ages in India.