Tuesday, August 24

Got Milk(Windows SP 2) ???

Just now upgraded my laptop with the new Windows XP Service Pack 2. My laptop as surely got a new feel. No more pop-ups. The upgraded IE has a special tool to work with pop-ups. I'm happy that I don't have worry about pop-ups anymore. The new symbols and icons also give a refreshing look for the windows explorer.

Saturday, August 21

Facts every Indian should know

Some of the facts that I came to know after reading that article

India has 45,000 historically significant buildings and sites that do not figure on any list. Only 5,000 are protected by the ASI, another 3,000 by state governments.

Even if every couple decided to stop at two children, our population would overtake China's in 10 years.

When the sun goes down, more than 84 million homes begin their long day's journey into night. 90% of the 17 million homes in Bihar have no electricity.

Five million Indians travel abroad every year. Only 2.3 million foreigners return the favour, a million less than in diminutive Sri Lanka.

Of every Re 1 meant for development, only 12 paise reach the intended recipient in India. Eighty-eight paise are lost in transmission

630 million litres of untreated sewage flows into the Yamuna every day.

Delhi alone has one lakh beggars.

Ten million children work and sleep on the streets every day.

The Tirupati temple's annual income from offerings is Rs 300 crore. The Ramakrishna Mission makes Rs 150 crore.

60% of criminal cases in India do not end in a verdict because witnesses turn hostile.
there are just 10.5 judges for every million people.

Traffic snarls. Over 8,000 policemen in Delhi on the VIP beat. Rs 100 crore spent each year to shadow the prime minister and former prime ministers.

An MP gets Rs 2 crore a year for developing his constituency. Till 2002, Rs 9,780 crore was released under the MP Local Area Development Scheme. Only 64 per cent was used.

In India a woman is raped every hour. Even if a rape is proved, the sentence ranges from one to 10 years.

In India, road accidents are the No. 1 killer of those under 40. One person dies on the road every 12 minutes. And most deaths occur within the first 60 minutes.

Build a better India

India Today had always been next to my heart. I enjoy reading this and continue to do so. I still remember spending time in my university library every Wednesday with the latest edition of India Today, International edition. Their cover stories had always fascinated me a lot. Now luckily I have access to their online edition. The cover story, “57 ways to make India a better Place” in the last week edition of India Today by Mr. S. Prasannarajan was simply the best I have ever read.

He has clearly portrayed what areas we lag in and what areas we are not what we could be and what we had lost in these 57 years of freedom. I would recommend you to read the article if you get a chance.

“Still, in the 57th year of its political freedom, India is yet to discover the Model Man of democracy, or the New Man that Nehruvian socialism aspired to create. And most glaringly, Asia's only fully developed civil society is one of its most unequal societies as well, with its divisions starker and its fault lines wider. The paradoxical nation has come a long way from the Oriental stereotype of photogenic poverty and atavistic mannerisms.

The state is kinetic for all the wrong reasons, and it still doesn't reach out to where its intervention is badly needed, where freedom is an abstraction. Add to this scenario of dispossession the ungainly instincts-civic, religious and cultural-of freedom and you get a nation let down by its own traits, a nation shortchanged by its own safe-keepers.”

This article will truly instigate a fire, in everyone, to do something for building a better India.

Wednesday, August 18

No mingling !!

The modern educators are more concentrating in isolating the genders in college. In fact they use this as a powerful tool as a decoy. Parents especially those staying abroad are easily lured by this criteria, when selecting the colleges where their wards have to start their next phase of life.

Is this a good practice? The management of a few colleges mostly in Chennai assumes that by separating the opposite sexes they can get rid of rarely encountered problems like eve teasing and harassments. So they stop students interacting with their opposite sexes even though they all study in the same class. In some worst cases the management conducts separate classes for men and women. On the contrary they actually land in a lot of problems by doing this. Lest we miss between the lines that the students are loosing their communication skills and tend to become more introverts and this instigates them to develop amoral thoughts in their mind. The management does not understand that all their rules and regulations are mere damp squibs, once the students are out of college for the day and is also not aware of the fact that they are producing the largest number of classmate couple when compared to other colleges where such practices do not take place.

Some colleges have come to an extent of tying ropes in the buses separating men and women sections, separate class rooms, different timings and what not? All these are measures to separate them. Educators should stop this practice and let the students be their own. For a student abroad or in cities like Bombay and Delhi this will be the most idiotic rule a college can impose. This in no means will help develop a better society and will only result in cultivating evil thoughts in their sterling characters. When such things are practiced students have an obvious chance of developing either a greater interest or an aversion and hatred with the opposite sex. This should change.

Sunday, August 15

Vande Maataram......

Thaaiye un peyair sollum poathae.....
Ethaiyathil minnalai paayuthae.....
Thaai aval poal oru jeevan illai.....
Aval kaal mannai poal sondham veru illai...
Thaai mannai poal oru boomi illai....
Bharatham engalin svaasamae...
Thaai mannae vanakkam...
Thaai mannae vanakkam...
Vande Maataram...Vande Maataram....

Saluting all the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the sake of independence.

Friday, August 13

Starting problem....Big problem !!!

With only hours left for the grand gala, the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics 2004, speculations have gone wild that two most famous athletes of Greece Olympic team will be out of the tournament due to their failure in attending the final drug test yesterday. This comes as a big disappointment for the greeks, because those two athletes are considered to be the best of the lot. Keeping this aside, the athletes all over the world already have a demoralizing news that nearly 1 million tickets have not been sold yet. Also adding fuel to the fire, Greece is witnessing a 15% decrease in the number of tourist comparing to the figures during the same time last year. This is really a bad sign. I do not know the reason behind this. Whether it is due to the hasty preparations Greece had to do to get ready for the event or whether its because people are slowly losing interest on this big event. This might not be reason I think. But please do not miss to watch the opening ceremony today live. It’s the best part of Olympics.

Tuesday, August 10

Tips for a better vision.

Have you guys ever wondered how many hours we spend in front of the computer? When I think about it, 13 or 14 hours a day is what I count on. But for all my friends out there slogging in the IT industry for long hours everyday, here are few tips which will help you in better vision.

- Take a 5-minute break every hour or two to reduce eyestrain.
- Blink more often. When staring at a computer, people blink about five times less
frequently than normal according to some studies. Blinking lubricates the eyes. If you don't
blink, tears that normally coat the eye evaporate causing dry eyes. Dry air in the computer
room can aggravate this condition.
- Every fifteen minutes, focus on distant objects to relax your muscles.
- Use special computer lenses.
- If your eyes are dry, use eye drops to moisten them.
- Try vitamin supplements to enrich your vision.

Thursday, August 5

Sullan - Movie review

WORST and UNBEARABLE - Don't ever try to watch it...

I think these words don't exactly describe my anguish over the film. Not worth for a review !!!!

Monday, August 2

What do I do now ??

Hot opening, references, position, job description, specialization, beginner, experienced, developer, designer, expertise, rating yourself, address, phone number, resume, cover letter, consultant, recruiter – are the most frequently used words, I keep using for the past 2 months. So guess what I am doing now


This is my job now. Like many other graduates in US, I’m doing this as a full time job.