Tuesday, December 28

GMail - Want one ?

Hey guys, I have some Gmail invites left. If you would like to try it out, please let me know. I can forward the invites to you. GMail is really cool, just give it a try.

Friday, December 24

Best Movies of 2004

2004 had not been a big year for tamil film industry, like what 2003 proved to be. Among the movies that got released this is my countdown.

1.. Aayutha Eluthu - For taking up a new issue which is in urgent need to the society - educated youngsters in politics, Extravagant Music, technical aspects, screenplay and almost everything.

2. Virumaandi - For Kamals action, screenplay, music and technical aspects

3. Autograph - A really different movie, actuallywould had been in my first spot except it had been with some good actors who can really act.

4. Alagiya Theeye - A decent movie very well taken, in a good pace without any over dialogues or over acting.

5. 7G - I did not get a chance to see the full movie.From what I did and from what I heard from ppl I wld say it is in 5th spot.

6. Chellamey - A good entertainer

7. Gilli - personally did not like very much. can be described as a movie - kind. Unfortunately big hit in boxoffice.

Bye Bye 2004

I just cant believe that 2004 is coming to an end. It had been one of the best years in my life. I got to see some of the best moments as well as some lousy times of my life. I started the year in India, where I was in for a vacation. I was enjoying all January there. I didn't want to come back to US but had no other choice other than comin back here. After cominghere, I completed my masters and moved to NewJersey for Job search. Thats the worst time of my life. I didn't know that somehthing best was waiting for me. I stayed in some friends place unable to even pay for my expenses. I shld thank god and my friends without whomI wld have never made through those days. Then as you all know I got a job in September. Wow! that was a big relief...infact a big one especially after having experienced all these turmoils.

As it goes I was in India, then Toledo, NewJersey,NewYork then moved to Indianapolis, then trips to South Carolina, Atlanta. I travelled a lot this year.This is the year I bought my first car too. I made alot of friends only this year. I mean it ...this year had been a big learning curve.I dont want this year to end in a usual note . The memories of this year will never die and i expect next year to be the same.

Bye Bye 2004 !!!