Tuesday, September 28

Something should be done...

A small peek into the video piracy world. The number of films coming out every Friday has come down drastically in Kollywood. Eventually it is because of the pirate VCDs. Thanks to the cheap VCD players from Richie street and Burma bazaar and electronics shops elsewhere in the city. But where are all these piracy factor taking us. Slowly we all have fell in this menace without realizing the fact that we are doing something wrong. When I was in India last December I could see people opting for VCDs even though they can hardly get the technical aspects of the film by watching it in VCD. VCDs of new films are out the second day of the movie’s release. There are several factors attributing to this problem. First and foremost are the law enforcers, who play a big role here. Many of the cities video shops and shops in Burma bazaar shed out a lot of money to the police. A pirated store near my house used to sell the pirated CDs without any fear even though there used to be a raid once in every 2 or 3 weeks. The police department has really failed in this regard. Kudos to the Andhra police who have kept the piracy in check.

The next reason is the sky high prices in theaters. A family will be spending aroung Rs. 200 for a show, while they can do the same sitting in there living room for just Rs. 30. This has lead many middle class people opt for VCDs.

Decrease in the number for quality movies is also a reason behind this. Movies like sullan, madurai are not worth to be watched even in VCDs. So people are hesitant to spend on films like this. Improving the quality of the films will help reduce the piracy.

Mentality among the crowd should change. Unless people change nothing can be done about it. Nobody seems to care the actor’s, producer’s and distributor’s voice over piracy.
Something should be done about this otherwise Kollywood will become an obsolete thing in future!! Already many would have witnessed an increase in the number of theaters being turned to Malls.

Are u blogging yet ?

Proud to be a blogger. Suddenly everybody are in it. The Hindu in recent times has featured quite a lot of articles about blogging. Four of my friends have started blogging after regularly going through my blogs. Felling happy about it.

Thursday, September 23

Ithu thevaya....ada poangaya....

Please call it a day captain. Can't bear with your attrocities anymore. Its prime time heroes like these should take up character roles. I wonder Why the heck indian heroes never accept the fact that they are getting old. When Amitabh can be succesful in character roles why can't our captain. Leave alone the charater roles, atleast he can take roles like ramana which suits his age and physical structure. See the photo above, isn't it too much, When guys in my age are finding tough to get a girl our capton(Newton's favourite student) is enjoying one on either side.

Heard that those two are new entries.

Flora and Laya....
ithellan ungalukku thea-vaya..

Forbes top ten richest people of 2003.


No big change in the list. But interesting fact is that Google's Larry E. Page and Sergey Brin have entered the top 400 list. They are the youngest to be in the list at an age of 31. Interesting isn't.

Wednesday, September 22

Thank you kadavulle !!

Could not imagine how things are changing in my life. After having some of the worst days in my life, now everything is working the way I wanted it to be. Though I’m alone now, I feel as if I surrounded by lots and lots of well wishers. I must thank god for all these, for without him I’m nothing. There were days went I used to think I’m never gonna make it with a job in US. The almighty blessed me

This blog is a special one, for two reasons. I was on a window seat of an aircraft, flying from Washington, Dulles to Indianapolis, while penning this. The other reason is that it is dedicated to my friend, mentor and guardian, Filbert Pradeep Devasahayam. I started to believe the philosophy “God made friends so that he can always be by our side”, only after I met him. I have gained a lot with his friendship and surely owe him a million. He was always encouraging me during the worst days of my life. Can’t imagine how I used to disturb him everyday lamenting about myself. I feel very lucky, for through out my life, I have got what I wanted and he is more than what I wanted. This is not an attempt to offend anyone else, please understand me. I wanted to thank him, though it comes late, it comes from the deepest of my heart. Thank you so much Filby. – (always ur’s) Amar